Abortion, the Heart of the Matter


The moral outrage resulting from the recent Planned Parenthood video is far too subdued. If the truth of what was actually happening was widely known, there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth. There would have been a drastic escalation of the outrage had any the audacity to come out in support of PP, of course at that point none would.

What is exposed on these videos, is immoral and illegal, to say no law was broken is absurd. They were “haggling” over “compensation.” Check the video, those are their words. There is no haggling over cost, and cost is all they legally can recover. There is no question that profit was involved, it was illegal.

I realize that some are in denial regarding abortion as a form of self justification. Some have fallen victim to the endless propaganda, willing to blindly believe what they are told. Because it makes them feel comfortable, never really stopping to study the facts or look past the never ending rhetoric.

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