Aborting the Reagan Revolution


If you know the history of the Republican Party, you know the Reagan Revolution is now officially dead. It was aborted when the GOP abandoned the very issue and people that made it happen. Time of death: January 21, 2015.

Oh, many of those who came to the party because of the values and ideals Reagan championed are still here. As are those of us who desire to pick up that mantle on behalf of the emerging generations. Unfortunately, those running the Republican Party let it be known one final time this week they will have none of it. Sure, they’ll still talk like Reagan in all their branding. But they have no intent on acting like Reagan.

How else do you explain what happened on the eve of the annual “March for Life?”

GOP leadership in the House had timed a “pain-capable” pro-life voting bill banning the killing of children at least 20 weeks developed in the womb to coincide with the march. Otherwise known as “late-term abortion,” this is a practice only seven countries on earth still permit. In my view the bill didn’t go far enough. Beginning with exempting children conceived in rape and incest, thus relegating them to what amounts to 3/5 of a person.

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