A War Fanned On by Obama: Shia, Sunni, Saudi, Iran and why it matters to you


It supposedly started with the Saudi government executing a Shia cleric who (they claim) was trying to overthrow the monarchy.

That was followed by Iranian protesters (it was probably arranged by the Iranian government) attacking the Saudi Arabian embassy in Iran, which Saudi Arabia followed up by breaking off relations with Iran ordering Iranian diplomats out of the country.

There are rumors that other Sunni countries such as the UAE may join the Saudi Kingdom in tossing out Iran.

UPDATE: Sunni Sudan has expelled the Iranian Ambassador, and the UAE has downgraded  its diplomatic relations with Iran. The UAE’s Foreign Ministry also said it was recalling its ambassador from Tehran.

What’s next is that this conflict may flare up into a Shia and Sunni regional war that was started 14 centuries ago but fanned by recent impotent policies of the United States including the Iran nuclear deal.

This is a battle which started centuries ago ……

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