A Thankful Alliance


We at Liberty Alliance owe a debt of gratitude and thanks to our very special partners and team members that were and are members of the United States Armed Forces.

Thank you for your service. We appreciate you every day.

  • Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, FreedomDaily.com, USAF, Purple Heart Recipient, Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Sergeant Wayne Dupree, WayneDupree.com, USAF, 1987-1995, Gulf War Veteran
  • Matt Barber, Barbwire.com, U.S. Army National Guard, 12 years
  • Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (aka Joe The Plumber), JoeForAmerica.com, USAF Civil Engineering Squadron
  • Andy Miller, JoeForAmerica.com, US Navy Seabee “We build, we fight, we party all night!”
We are blessed in every way to know and work with all of you and thank the Lord above for your service and sacrifice to this great nation. We also thank your families who stood by you in your service. Thank you from the ENTIRE Liberty Alliance Team!

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