A Sci-Fi Sword Replica That Extends/Retracts Like In the Movies!


Hi! I’m AlfonZo Rachel! I dig Science Fiction! I developed a device for those who also dig Sci-Fi and I think you’re really going to want to possess one of these!
You can use it for your Light Side vs Dark Side of the force dueling pleasure, or create your own intergalactic futuristic story of good versus evil locked in a Laser Razor Duel!

I wanted to have this ready for y’all by the time the latest Star Wars movie came out. I have a working prototype but it’s crude. I wanted to display a more presentable prototype, but not only are designers expensive, but the ones I’ve encountered took up a bunch of my time and gave me the run around.

So I’m just biting the bullet and showing you my prototype to prove that the mechanics work, and that FINALLY ever since Star Wars first introduced the Light Saber back in the 70’s there is something that comes really close to the energy rod that extends from the handle for the battle at the push of a button, and retracts back into the handle at the push of a button when the battle is won!

This is gonna take role play dueling to a whole new level!!!
Read more at AlfonzoRachel

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