A Hundred Christian County Clerks in Jail!


It is strange to see committed Christians in jail, vilified by the media and other uninformed people; however, that was not unusual in the early days of Christianity. Christ and His Disciples were hated, hunted, and harassed by those appointed to enforce the law. Untold numbers of others have had the same experience since Christ’s death and physical resurrection.

Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, has taken a principled stand declaring that she cannot be associated with same-sex “marriages.” Kim came to that conclusion following her born again experience about four years ago. That experience totally changed her life. Genuine Christians are principled people, not perfect, but principled.

People who declare that we must always obey every law are fools, frauds, or fanatics. Surely they don’t support such slavish obedience to law–especially illegal laws. When the U.S. Supreme Court declared in the Dred Scot case that black slaves were not citizens but were chattel, black activists disagreed, denounced, and disobeyed that “law” and helped slaves to freedom. Were they right or wrong?

Most critics of Kim are devotees of Martin Luther King, Jr. who broke the law; but they tell us that King was not an elected official so the comparison of his disobedience to Kim’s is not valid; and there is some validity in that response.
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