A Few 1972 Dolphins Players Pass on Obama Invitation



Obama is fascinated with winners — accomplished people — because he has had so much handed to him.

Obama secretly wonders what it takes to be a person of substance.

In his most recent attempt to capture what he doesn’t possess, Obama brought back to the White House the undefeated Dolphins of 1972. After winning the Super Bowl in their undefeated season, the Dolphins were unable to attend the customary White House congratulation, since then president Nixon was embroiled in the Watergate affair.

Keep in mind that Obama’s invitation to have the 1972 Dolphins is on the heels of multiple scandals: Benghazi, the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, and the Fast and Furious scandal.

Further, Obama is responsible for the worst economy since the Great Depression, a debt that can only be explained in astronomical terms, and a foreign policy that is laughable.

Yet, Obama has time for 40+ year old remembrances.

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