9 out of 10 EPA Workers “Non-Essential”…So Why are We Paying Them?


by Carly Hill

Over the last decade, we’ve been passengers on the sinking ship that is the US economy. We’ve all seen it happening, but we all share this feeling of hopelessness – feeling like our voices are being sucked into the vacuum of a detached, apathetic bureaucracy.

How many of us have been laid off from jobs because our employers simply can’t pay us anymore? Lots of us.

So, switching gears to government employees – I feel for people who have been laid off due to the government shut down. I do. My dad is a cop and my dad is awesome. There’s nothing wrong with being a government employee. In the same way, there’s nothing wrong with working for a private company. But, there is something wrong with being non-essential. Being non-essential means that you’re wasting somebody’s money – whether it be a private business owner…or a tax payer.

Greg Gutfeld filled in for Bill O’Reily on The O’Reily factor and said, “In a private business, a non-essential employee would be a non-employee.”

Another Gutfeld nugget of wisdom, regarding government employees: “A non-essential employee is what you get when you feed cash into a bloated bureaucracy without ever designating its necessity.”

So, yeah. The government shutdown has sucked for a lot of people. But, what has it taught us? Well, it has taught us that there are a whole lot of Americans that we are paying to be like the office manager at the private company who plays Candy Crush on her phone all day instead of answering phones. We are adding to our unthinkable national debt with countless non-essential employees.

93% (that’s more than 9 out of 10) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers are non-essential.

Could you imagine learning that 93% of the employees in your private company were non-essential?

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