8th Planned Parenthood Video Seems to Confirm Planned Parenthood Delivering Live Babies then Letting them Die


Perhaps you’re wondering why the news that biotech firms like StemExpress receiving “intact” bodies of aborted babies would be a shocking revelation? It’s a good question. For the past few months, as each new and shocking video has emerged, we have tried to remind folks that none of this is actually worse than what we know happens inside of Planned Parenthood every day. Abortion is murder. It is the destruction of human life and the execution of an innocent and defenseless person. However, these video are proof positive that the abortion industry is grounded in greed and unmasks the lie that abortion providers do their evil work in an effort to provide “care” for women.

During this latest undercover video StemExpress admits that Planned Parenthood is the best baby parts distributor to buy from because they always have stock. In fact, it seems that they view Planned Parenthood as the Costco or Sam’s Club of abortion facilities because PP can deliver product “in bulk.”

I kid you not, these people truly are that disgusting.

That StemExpress admits they receive many intact baby bodies, then tells the undercover investigator that they can get them whenever they need them, is a bombshell of a disclosure. The reason that it’s such shocking news is because it means that those babies were very likely born alive and then left to die.

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