8 Non-Negotiables for Dads with Daughters


A great article from Samantha Krieger
September 27, 2013

A couple months ago, my kids were playing upstairs when my two-year-old daughter Rebekah starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I ran upstairs to find that she’d cut her eyebrow from jumping off the bed onto her brother’s train table.

Since it looked bad, I called my neighbor for help so I could take Rebekah to the Urgent Care clinic. After waiting and being seen, the doctor explained that she’d need three stitches. The nurses and I held Rebekah down while the doctor threaded her skin. Her eyes filled with tears as she shouted, “D-a-d-d-y … D-a-d-d-y!”

My heart broke for her. One of the nurses holding Rebekah’s hand looked at me and said, “It’s amazing how kids know daddy is the protector. She wants him!” I nodded my head and knew what she meant.

It starts young when a little girl’s heart longs for Daddy. I was right there with Rebekah but she needed his strong hands, wisdom, encouragement and guidance in the midst of her suffering. And no one else could fill that protector role like him.

Thankfully her distress came to an end. She left the building with new stitches, stickers, a cute teddy bear, and still wondering where Daddy was. I assured her she’d see him soon.

Not only do girls need physical protection from their fathers but also emotional and spiritual safeguards throughout their life. But how does a father build a rich love and faith into his daughter’s life for the long haul? Here are 8 non-negotiables.

1. Meditate on God’s Word. Reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word is your foundation. Putting your relationship with Christ a priority will model to your daughter that God is your ultimate authority and to whom you’re accountable.

“I meditate on your precepts, and consider your ways” (Ps. 119:15).

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