5 Steps To A Fabulous 2015


Last year was fast-paced and often involved violent stories both in the United States and around the world. With that being said, I want to focus on how we can make 2015 a better year than 2014.

I’ve come up with five steps that I believe will help us all have a healthier and brighter 2015.

First, turn-off the television and stop focusing on the news unless you have to watch it continuously for your job.

Watching negative news 24/7 will give you the false sense that “all” things and “all” people are bad or that there isn’t any good news. That’s simply not true!

There are many good people and good things happening in this world. However, many stories are not being reported on because a number of news outlets believe that only sensationalism sells.

Secondly, focus more on your family, especially your children. Just imagine if you are feeling overwhelmed with the world as an adult, how do you suppose your children are coping?

Children identify with their same-sex parent and typically model what they see that parent doing.

If you are typically mostly overwhelmed and stressed out and your children observe this then they will most likely learn that being stressed is the only way to cope with what overwhelms them rather than learning to seek healthy outlets for relieving anxiety. You can teach them healthy alternatives to coping with frustrations.

Spend time instead, talking with them about their day, their interests, and their concerns. Enjoy family time together each day because you and they are worth the effort.
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