40% Overstay Visas — Where is our Interior Enforcement?


Joe broadcasting LIVE from Radio Row at CPAC 2016

Niger Innis, Tea Party Forward, either America is good or it’s evil. Obama was raised by radicals to believe that America is evil. We believe America is good.

Chris Chimielenski, Director at NumbersUSA talks immigration. Secure the border, increase interior enforcement (right now we have ZERO!), mandatory e-verify for businesses (replace i9 form), do something about VISA overstays (~40% stay illegally beyond their VISA).

Marc Hyden, Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty. Why would we trust the government to take people’s lives, they can hardly deliver the mail! And the cost to execute is so expensive, it’s the quintessential government program. It’s not the role of government to make these decisions. We advocate for life without parole and restitution rather than execution.

Summer Ratcliff, Managing Editor at CampusReform says they receive correspondence and tips from people across the country on school campuses. The goal is to bring a positive outcome to bias on college campuses. Millennials are now becoming the largest voting block. The recent termination of a Mizzou journalism professor who forgot what the 1st Amendment was all about was a big win that took multiple media outlets to get it in the mainstream media. College administrators are taking the place of parents and coddling their snowflakes in a safe space.
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