You won’t believe so many Hillary scandals unreported by MM!


Jeff Dunetz, publisher of the and other news sites, compiled 111 articles published in 2015 in which his team exposed a lie, scandal or flip flop Clinton expressed over the last year.

Some occurred earlier in the year and may have been forgotten, others were sub-sets of other scandals.

From her email and Clinton Foundation scandals, to her flip-flops on immigration and profiling Muslims, 2015 was an interesting year for former first lady, senator, secretary of state and presidential-wishful Hillary Clinton. Most of her cover-ups and policy changes were under-reported by the mainstream media or not reported at all.

This list barely scratches the surface, but it’s a start.


Date Story
1/20/15 Clinton State Department Waived Visa Ban for Democratic Donors
1/29/15 One of Taliban 5 Traded For Bergdahl Returns To Conflict (But Hillary Said They Weren’t Threat)
2/3/15 In 2008 Hillary Linked Autism To Vaccines #Grandmother’sGoingSenile?


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