3 Meals a Day is Racist and So is Everything Else


You’ve probably seen the article on how eating three meals a day is racist. What isn’t these days?

Speaking about his departure from his Department of Justice position, Eric Holder said that young people should read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (who was murdered by blacks).

I read it as a college student. It is worth reading to see the change that took place in Malcolm. It might have been one of the reasons he was assassinated by blacks who were upset that he was no longer the angry black man and that white people should not be blamed for everything. Maybe it’s time that Eric Holder rereads it.

Of course, if  The Autobiography of Malcolm X is the only book young people read, we are in big trouble.

In the film version of the book, Malcolm is introduced to the racist version of color. The definition of “black,” as John Elton Bembry, a composite character who does not appear in the book, is always negative: “destitute of light, devoid of color, enveloped in darkness, utterly dismal or gloomy, soiled with dirt, foul, sullen, hostile, forbidding, outrageously wicked.”

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