26 States Sued Obama over His Illegal Amnesty: Now the Verdict is In


Barack Hussein Obama illegally issued immigration orders back in November of 2014 that would did not follow current US law. On Monday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has put the smack down on his illegal orders.

In a 2-1 ruling by the court, they upheld andearlier injunction to put a halt on Obama’s illegal amnesty.

According to a press release by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), he said:

“Today, the Fifth Circuit asserted that the separation of powers remains the law of the land, and the president must follow the rule of law, just like everybody else.”

“Throughout this process, the Obama Administration has aggressively disregarded the constitutional limits on executive power, and Texas, leading a charge of 26 states, has secured an important victory to put a halt to the president’s lawlessness.”

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