2016 Scouting Report: Ted Cruz



Has a rare combination of knowledge, recall, quick wit, and boldness that instantly grants him alpha male status, which plays well on a national stage and is why he’s already surged to stardom in the Senate… has no fear whatsoever of the “good old boy” Washington GOP elite network nor the liberal media, which are qualities the conservative movement has lacked in a singular leader since Reagan


While he’s shown a willingness to boldly lead in both the judicial and legislative branches at the highest level, his lack of executive experience is sure to come up in a primary that will feature several current and former GOP governors…definitely has the courage of conviction that conservatives crave, but he still needs to display the retail politics and likeability/charm required of a national standard-bearer


Conservatives are looking for a full-spectrum champion they can coalesce behind in 2016 to finally wrestle the presidential nomination from the establishment, and Cruz’s wide conservative appeal puts him in a position to be that guy.

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