What if 2016 Comes Down to Hillary vs. Christie?


by David L. Goetsch

I recently spoke to a meeting of a two-county Republican organization. Having read my book Rules for Conservative Radicals: How the Tea Party Can Save America, (co-authored with Dr. Archie Jones) the local Republican Party Chairman wanted me to chastise those Republicans who advocate a move to the left in 2016. I did just that. The theme of my talk was that mainstream Republicans need to figure out—and soon—that liberal Democrats are the opposition, not Tea Party patriots and other disaffected conservatives. The speech went well, as did the questions that followed. That is until one sage member of the audience asked what might become the bottom-line question in the next presidential election: “If 2016 comes down to Hillary or Christie, who do you recommend we vote for?”

I prefaced my response by saying, “Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Surely the Republicans can do better than Governor Christie.” Then I confronted the question head on and gave the same answer I will reluctantly give in 2016 should the presidential race come down to a Hobson’s choice between Hillary and Christie: I would recommend that you hold your nose and vote for Christie. My rationale was simple and three-fold: 1) If Republicans can’t manage to field a real conservative candidate in 2016, then we need to swallow hard and vote for the candidate who most closely resembles a conservative, 2) In a race between Christie and Hillary, the candidate that would come closer to approximating a conservative would certainly be New Jersey’s rotund governor, and 3) I would vote for my family pet before I would vote for Hillary Clinton. A Christie presidency would hardly be a victory for conservatism, but it would at least start applying the brakes to out-of-control liberalism. When it comes to taking back America, we conservatives need to be prepared to hit a few singles and doubles. Getting it all back with one swing—hitting a political homerun by electing a true conservative as president—may not be possible in 2016. Conservatives might need to content themselves with winning the country back one baby step at a time, but with step being in the right direction.

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