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Zo weighs in on Melissa Harris Perry’s bigoted panel, which took a shot at Romney’s adoption of a child who is American black, and MHP’s subsequent effort to say she was sorry (with tears to boot). Does Zo buy it? And really, how is it that Phil Robertson is a bigot and MHP and her panel aren’t? Find out in this ZoNation.

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  • FrankC

    I don’t watch MSNBC and don’t know much about Melissa Harris-Perry. So my question, what is her past history? Does she have a history of derogatory comments about the children and grandchildren of conservatives? Did she make comments about Sarah Palin’s children? George Bush’s daughters? What is her track record?

  • Bruce Lee

    If blacks woke up then they would realize that Zimmerman’s grandfather is black and he is 1/8th black, which makes him legally a black man, while 0bama’s Arab Luo tribe claims according to their records 0bama is only 1/16th black making him not even legally black, but half white and 15/16th Arab, & the Luo tribe descendents are children of the early Sudan Arab slave traders, so were many black are here in America, because of 0bamas great, great grandfather?


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