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by SHTF Plan

Senator Diane Feinstein has taken up the fight for truth and liberty, just as she has done for health care and the widespread disarmament of American citizens.

This month Congess has been debating a new media shield law, which according to its authors, aims to protect journalists and bloggers from being forced to testify about their work should their sources or information come into question.

But Diane Feinstein has refused to support the bill, noting that the law would essentially grant this shield privilege to anyone who chooses to share their opinion on the internet (including those pajama sporting bloggers and news aggregators working out of their basements).

But because freedom of speech, as interpreted by Feinstein, is nothing more than a privilege granted to us by her and her ilk in Congress, she has taken steps to ensure that only those journalists sanctioned by the government will be protected by the new shield laws.

The final hurdle for the Judiciary Committee was defining who is a journalist in the digital era.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) insisted on limiting the legal protection to “real reporters” and not, she said, a 17-year-old with his own website.

“I can’t support it if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege … or if Edward Snowden were to sit down and write this stuff, he would have a privilege. I’m not going to go there,” she said.

Feinstein introduced an amendment that defines a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.”

The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.”

As noted by Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show, this very report, for example, is being published by an unlicensed and unofficial news-related web site, and therefore, would not meet the stringent guidelines set forth by Feinstein’s new amendment.

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  • Dave

    She is a total idiot like the rest of the no brained liberals that think they have the right to do what they want. They will lose next year and then the conservatives will have fun for the first 6 months undoing everything the Dems did and make it a Crime to violate the Constitution punishable, if convicted, by life in prison

    • Michigan_REB

      If you violate the constitution it should be life in front of a firing squad. Starting with this nasty c**t and the enitire administration. Anyone that voted for Obamanationcare, or the UN SAT need to be tried and executed for TREASON against the people of the United States.

      • Dave

        sounds alright but I think life at hard labor would be more fitting so they will feel the pain for a good long time.

    • 094870

      DAVE, Why should we the people have to pay to keep them alive?

      • Dave

        I hear ya but just because they are idiots we don’t have to be inhumane except maybe have them spend their life sentence at hard labor so they feel the pain too.

        • pappap42

          If they are alive they can breed.

  • ron

    she is of satan wake up california

  • Dave

    Shut Up Feinsteine

  • Lee

    The Evil Democratic parity needs to go! Period. And send Obama and his family packing .Stand up Patriots.

    • pappap42

      I agree with you but we also have a lot in the GOP that need to go.

  • GWY

    Feinstein is so in love with the communist agenda of “No Rights” for anyone except the elite few in government she is blind to the continuous movement of the people toward strict conformance to the Bill of Rights as stated in the U.S. Constitution. One day we can hope to see the end of creeps like her in our halls of government.

  • Ajfrench

    Anyone who is afraid of free speech has something to hide. Maybe she should get out.

  • babsan

    The old Leftist hag is evil just like the rest of the DEMONCRATS

    • douber1

      she is a rump humper for odumbo

  • Stand_Down

    Look at that face and those lifeless, soulless eyes. That damned woman is a demon

    • Unknown_soldier1

      No doubt, darth vader

  • vladilyich

    This is why, if you check deeply enough, you’ll think I’m blogging from Canada. I use a proxy server in Canada to hide my U.S. IP on everything I post. The FISA and NSA has zero authority to coerce a Canadian ISP to dump their records into a government database.

    • Cairan

      FYI – the NSA is the Israeli spy apparatus, You Nation is run by them as well.

      • jayleigh

        You just never quit with the Jew-hatred, do you! We could be so lucky as to be protected by Israel! Remember the 6-Day War? The best allies we could hope for is Israel! What are you really, a MUSLIM trying to disguise yourself as an independent thinker? Or are you a left-over Nazi? You are amazingly stupid!

  • Unknown_soldier1

    Basically in the future if you don’t acclimate to political correctness our tongues will be cut out of our heads Frankenstein Feinstein is coming with her towel head monkey’s.

  • JC

    I wouldn’t listen to anybody from Mexafornia! Mexafornia is a lost state for all the liberals to reside in. Give the whole state to Mexico and then close the border.

    • Chuck

      The vast majority of land mass is covered by libertarians and conservatives here in California. The problems are the big Cities who out number us 2 to 1.
      Don’t give up on the inlanders!!! We are freedom loving constitution believing Americans. Just grossly outnumbered.

      • jayleigh

        Plus a lot of gerrymanderiing of districts out there!

    • Ole SC

      We need to put a border fence on the east side of CA so it won’t infest the rest of the country!

  • Fleebo

    Our policies on federal aid, welfare, Obamacare etc is and has created a nation of deadbeats and freeloaders. When are you bleeding heart Democrates going to understand that the working class taxpayers are paying for this at great peril to themselves.

  • BobM001

    That skuzzy b!tch can eat my shorts!

  • ronbeaux

    Beauty is only skin deep,,,,, BUT SHE IS PROOF THAT UGLY GOES TO THE BONE!!

  • ronbeaux

    I hope I never hear about DEMORATS again.

  • cottagemist


  • antranchers

    She is getting old. Very Very Old!

    • MrsCleaver

      Hopefully not much older.

      • Ole SC

        Love It Mrs. Cleaver!!! LOL

  • Craig Thomas Yates

    DIG New political party,
    ‘Can you DIG it’
    “Disabled Independent Green Party”
    merger of all three that will represent today’s USA!

  • Don Merriam

    Wouldn’t Hitler and Joseph Goebbels be proud of old Dianne? She even looks like an old Nazi dominatrix.

    • mathis1689

      They’d be proud of her for sure. Actually it’s hard to tell which one looks more like the Wicked Witch of the West-her or Nazi Pelosi.

  • Craig Thomas Yates

    Pelosi, Nancy just a huge chicken running around saying that Clinton closed all the military bases, reduced USA military and placed USA in the black, but never said all the portions of Government sold off Military oil reserves to Occidental Petroleum Al Gore PUSHED . WOW USA buying this chicken in Washington D.C.

    You like old chicken, then buy wrinkled chicken in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi!

  • cte56660

    You stupid old bitch: Have you even read the Constitution, let alone grasped its meaning! I thought not

  • Yukon36

    Her little feelings are hurt when she reads what people think about her and her leaders.

  • cte56660

    You stupid Californians, land of fruits and nuts, you keep electing people like her, Pelosi, the tuna queen, and Boxer! May God have mercy on you, you idiots

    • wildeagleone

      Remember my friend when you tell we that live in this state, and I quote—“May God have mercy on you idiots” no matter what state you live in, she is in the United States Senate which reaches every one of us and that includes YOU

  • phillyfanatic

    The Left cannot stand blogs. They have often investigated liberal antics, policies and programs . The MSM will not do that if it impinges on the liberal socialist agenda and especially if it is Obama’s. Or any liberal in any Blue state of city. We now know that the MSM will not go too deep into any Dem agenda especially if it nears a scandal. When Drudge broke the Clinton blue dress story, the MSM went wild and hated him for it. DiFi and other progressives just cannot allow any opposite opinion unless it comes from the liberal progressive MSM . What is she afraid of?????????

  • Octagenarians should have fun

    She forgets, a guy called Dan White gave her her political break through with 6 x Votes from a .38 – thusly she inherited the then suddenly late Mayor Moscone’s Seat as then being the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors that promoted her from Supervisor to Mayor and as they say the rest was Democratic Party History – onwards to the Senate. Name recognition where is they sting ? She then promptly got her own CCW and a .38 in Gun Free San Francisco no less. Plus an armed SFPD Sgt. Driver. But that was a long time ago. Time she hung up her private CCW gunbelt and retired, she has made a hell of a lot of money in Washington since those days. Enough should be enough, she is over 8O years old ! She needs to sit back and spend some of her estimared $100 Million that she has saved up from her Senator’s Salary, Just retire, go to Hawaii, buy a surf board and a bikini – have some fun whooping it up on the beaches. Her constituents won’t be able to do that after they finish paying for Obamacare etc and extra Obama Taxes all around.


      FEINSTEIN in a “bikini” …..she would CLEAR THE BEACH of people, all sick to their stomachs!!!!!

      • jayleigh

        Hey! How about Chuck Schumer in a thong? You guys really need to stop with the comments about her physical appearance. It has nothing to do with her character or her political views! i’ve noticed that you don’t make comments about the old males in Congress who are no longer handsome and dashing (if they ever were) but you make rude comments about what you think about the attractiveness or lack thereof, of the women in Congress. That has nothing to do with her/their politics or political stance or voting record! You get off topic with that stuff, and unless you are willing to give equal slam-the-face-and-figure stuff to the males in Congress, then stop with the nasty comments that have no bearing on the issue – which is her politics and desire to turn this into a socialist, restrictive, do-as-daddy-gov- says-and-you-won’t-get-hurt type of country

        • EMIRCITNA

          THIS DAY’S topic was about Diane Feinstein, and she caught Hell from those of us that believe she has NO BUSINESS being in Congress with her Commie ‘political views’!
          Apparently you haven’t read any of our comments on the most detestable men on the planet, like Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo, George Soros, Obozo, et al, and YES…..Chuckie Schumer!!!!

          • jayleigh

            No, you MISSED MY POINT about bashing her physical appearance! i’m sick of that. Harry Reid is ugly as sin, but i don’t notice anyone making comments about his physical appearance, but any female in Congress is subjected to a scathing comment about her appearance as though that had something to do with her politics. THAT was my point. i DO NOT support her politics – i didn’t like her or trust her when i lived in the San Francisco Bay Area – but then, she wasn’t in my voting district. i left CA before she came to Congress, but what i know of her, made me sure her politics would be crap. Her physical appearance has nothing whatsoever to do with whether she is qualified to serve! That is my point! There is enough evil in her to discuss without resorting to high school cheap shots about what she looks like. My point was that none of you do that where Dirty Harry is concerned, or any other Congressman. But the women in Congress are fair game for foul mouthed discussion of the physical attributes and that is totally off topic and has no bearing on how she conducts herself in Congress! THAT is my point! Yes, i’ve read the comments on the men – it’s just that i didn’t notice any of you, or the women who post here commenting on how “ugly” they were physically. GET IT NOW??????????????????????

          • EMIRCITNA

            IN TRUTH we should not make fun of ANYONE’S physical appearance as they are the way God created them, BUT many times we get so frustrated with some people that we ‘jab’ them however we may. ~ You are correct in your feelings, but don’t let this common trivia vex you, my friend. ~ Have a nice day.

    • jayleigh

      Harvey Milk, wasn’t it – not Moscone


    BOTTOM LINE; Diane Feinstein is the EPITOME of an old ‘has-been’ that never was really anything of real value to society that in her old age desperately wants some last minutes in the media spotlight, thus continuously …MAKES A FOOL OF HERSELF!!!

    • Swann75

      Just like puta Pelosi!

  • Patriot47

    Congress, be aware that the penalty for treason is death by hanging.

    • jayleigh

      Is there enough rope left in the world?

      • Patriot47

        They can be re-used.

  • voterid

    In the democrats play book, if you speak against them or their party, you are an extremist or a racist or a very bad TEA party member…these people are so afraid that their real identity will be exposed they want to keep a loop hole to capture the last blogger in the US.

  • MrsCleaver

    It’s time for the dirt nap Diane. I hope you own an asbestos suit. Where you’re going you’ll need it.

    • Becky

      LOL! My my Mrs. Cleaver!!! You’ve toughened up in your old age!

      • MrsCleaver

        Two years older than Diane if I make it until December 16th.

        • Becky

          That would put you at my mom’s age! Go lady go!

  • billty

    Why is this C&NT still alive and even worse, why do those Kalifornia scum keep electing this creature?

  • Val

    Feinstien, has FAILED the Citizens of California, Everyday she has been in office .She and Boxer are COMMUNIST and the OLD DEMOCRATs who follow them are COMMUNISTS too, although they are too stupid to realize it. Jerry Brown is a CLOWN, a foolish display of ignorance, and a doodling old fool, he can’t even talk right, he is too old and senile he needs to be committed.”Moonbeam” he never knew we all were making FUN of him by calling him this.Stupid fool.

    • Ole SC

      She has failed all of humanity! What a wasted space on earth!

    • Becky

      No actually Feinstein and her Communist pals fit right in in California. The gimmie gimmie state of illegals.

      • Val

        The Illegals are NOT our Idea, they are Obama’s dream, and the USA Tax payers NIGHT MARE ! If only the Mexicans knew what Obama has in store for ALL of us, they would RUN back over the border, and stay out of Obama’s Communist grasp.! re; Agenda 21.!

        • Becky

          No, California just votes in Communist reps year after year who’s policies ALLOW what is happening out there. Carbon Taxes, Illegals, Environmental insanity. Until they start voting in people who are not Communist morons, our Loveliest state will continue its decline into a 5th world cesspool. The illegals are being USED. You are right in that part for sure. All they are is a whole big stew pot of MORE Communist voters for our dem/Commie party. But that’s ok. It’s rapidly being evened out by Americans fleeing this Communist country!

  • wolfd

    Someone should kick in her f’n teeth. That would shut her up!

  • Paul Adcock

    Feinstein is no Einstein.

    • Cairan

      Yes she is. Einstein was a total fraud. A plagiarist, and a thief and a liar, and a creature manufactured of pure ethnic hype.

  • pysco

    Why would you expect and difference from her, she has already supported taking you 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments, do you really expect her not to go after the 1st Amendment.

  • gvh

    Feinstein or Frankenstein….at least one had a Dr.

  • Doc Savage

    The clueless Democrats that listen to Bill Maher and MSNBC can not believe that their freedoms are being flushed down the drain. I am not talking about the socialist progressives that are orchestrating the American downfall. But those individual that are too concerned with the lives of people on Jersey Shore to take the time to investigate what is being told to them. They are brain dead and Common Core is designed to insure our kids become brain dead and political zombies. Did you see that SAT scores are continuing to fall and 56% of students taking the test are incapable of handling college level work. That’s 56% of the students that want to go to college, not all high school students. I had high school graduates applied for work who were unable to make change and latter others who became security guards that could not write a report about an accident. These young people vote for people who promise than a free ride. Hey,they found water on Mars, maybe that will be the new America

    • Becky

      Been the plan since the 1960s doc. Dumb down the kids so much they won’t KNOW they’re being turned into good little Communists. Don’t need a brain to do as the State TELLS you to. Do you?

      • newattitude1

        You are so right! What dumba$$es they have made the children!!

  • Doc Savage

    If you want to look at a face of one of the Devil’s workers, just look above. The socialist progressives will decide who is a journalist and who is not. Sounds fair to me

  • Derekf900

    Diane Feinstein is a Marxist pure and simple. This is what I say: Diane Feinstein Go Straight to Hell and don’t come back.

    • Becky

      Hear hear!

  • Becky

    Sounds like it is WAY past time to get Feinstein GONE from our shores. Deport her Communist azz or bury her. One or the other. We don’t take our liberties from you Communists Feinstein. Get OUT. You aren’t welcome.

  • newattitude1

    The face of satan and the evil comes out of her mouth!!

  • byronmullet

    No comment. She might be reading this and try to force me to reveal the source of my thoughts.

  • casper

    Any one in the congress -senate ,white house that even starts to breath a word of taking away ANY of our rights shall be known by the people of this united states of AMERICA as TREASONIST .They shall be arrested and be put on trial by the people and for the people . We shall know their intentions by the words they speak and by their actions . They shall be held accountable immediately for trying to dismantle the great united states constitution .They swore in to UPHOLD the constitution and they proclaimed to protect it and to listen to the people . So , when you hear them talking about taking away gun rights TREASON -, freedom of speech TREASON , forced obamacare mandates -TREASON , aiding and abetting the enemy TREASON , Out right lies -TREASON , sending our weapons to our enemies -TREASON. ONE WORD of taking rights from the American people IS treason and you know who you are !!!! Here is her proof of being a treasonist , # 1 for the record . If the people in her state love their country they will remove her . And she really does have evil in her eyes .

    • Swann75

      I am born and raised in California and I agree with you 100%. There are still a few of us right minded people here in California and if we can only get rig of the socialists from the governor down, this state would once again become the golden state.

    • jayleigh

      Nice try, Casper, but why has the POTUS not been impeached? He’s not only tried, he’s managed to do a lot of things that are unconstitutional!

  • bluealiendevil

    What a miserable looking sow! I bet she made her kids life a living hell, can’t imagine her even having kids or grandkids. I bet she hates the name grandma and would make the grandkids salute her first!

    • jayleigh

      Her looks are not at issue here. Get off it!!! It is her politics that are the problem. Abraham Lincoln was no Greek god, but he was certainly one of the best of the best. i notice that all you “guys” who make comments about how ugly women are, never comment about how ugly some of the male politicians are. So, is it ok to be ugly and a politician if you are male, but ugliness in a female politician makes her a WORSE politician than if she was beautiful, OR if she was a perfect 10, would that exempt her political philosophy from criticism? jus’ sayin’

  • CharlieFromMass

    She needs to be recalled.

    Imprisoned for sedition would be an acceptable alternative.

  • billyG

    diane…you have human excrement in your shoes!

  • conservative

    This communist pos needs to crawl back into whatever hole she crawled out of.

  • ADRoberts

    A secular jewess who hates American liberty, freedom and Christians. Why is she still being elected to the Senate? The bilderbergs…..

    • Michael Garin

      Well, she’s from commiefornia.

    • Cairan

      Feinstein is a Talmudist.

      • jayleigh

        Have you ever read the Talmud? It is simply commentary on the Old Testament. There is nothing in it that makes it particularly holy, but it, like the Mishneh were written to help explain what Christians know as the Old Testament. If she were a true student of the Talmud, she would NOT be a socialist and she would behave in an honest way. You have a real hang-up about the Jews which is frightening since you obviously think of yourself as a Christian.

    • jayleigh

      Why don’t you refer to anyone else in Congress by their ethnicity? Why single out her ethnicity? What about those with German names? Do you fear that they may be closet Nazis? Well, they may be, certainly most of Congress is socialist. Which is why i take such umbrage to calling attention to her ethnicity!

  • sarcasticswede

    All of these E V I L people [ I question that ] should be on trial for TREASON. And by the way, how’s that hope and change working out for you?

  • Joe Lettieri

    The same type people who elected the king—- idiots

  • Rachel Guess

    OMG she looks like Herman Munster! Maybe she has been using too much of freak show Nanny’s botox!

  • amishron

    She was a waste of sperm.

    • Michael Garin

      And egg.

  • Jack_Reacher

    Somebody needs to bend that witch over a desk and “inject” some sense into that empty skull. Any volunteers? I’d rather eat rat feces sandwiches, myself.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The key of this is that Feinstein “can’t support it” because it is all about freedom of speech and not censorship.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Finstein is speaking and thinking using avian excrement, abbreviated as BS.

  • t

    This is for the liberal base do you still believe you are untouchable by supporting someone like Feinstein? If she is willing to limit your free speech you can bet it will not end there.

  • fed up

    Talk about air pollution

  • Pablo Descartes

    Thw bleeding heart libs get power, and their true face of tyranny is revealed. We the People will fight!

  • iamcurious

    I am not a very knowledgeable student of the French Revolution but I have read at length of the horrors of it all. I doubt that our politician class in Washington, DC has any clue just what they are setting the stage for but I can envision a day coming when there will be a terrible backlash against the powers there. I hope that the political process will allow the people of America to throw out this current crop in large measure, because if it fails, I fear a revolution not unlike the French Revolution will ultimately result. America will not tolerate a totalitarian dictatorship in Washington, DC no matter what. Our political class there have lost their collective minds and any perspective they may have ever had on reality.

  • Swann75

    This recent vote by the Senate just goes to show that the Democrats have their nose up Obamas’ “you know what” and Feinstein is no better. She and Barbara Boxer have just demonstrated that they are Obama socialists and they have to go. This message is to all Californians: If you consider yourself an AMERICAN, then you are morally bound to get rid of these two idiots. Come 2014, we need to KICK every Democrat out of office and that includes the idiots that run this state like “moonbeam” Brown. Like the old saying goes, “If it’s brown flush it.”

  • Rostis

    I have no doubts that Comrade Feinstein would be warmly welcomed by our Soviet censors: they also had absolutely nothing against the journalistic freedom, – but for the “objective” journalists only (that is, for those who worked in “Pravda”, “Izvestia” and “Red Star”). All the rest were “non-objective”, and thus had to go straight to GULAG. There is no GULAG in your country for the present, but with laborious comrades, like Feinstein, it’s not a problem at all: just give them a year or two more! Rostislav, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

  • bobwhite

    It has become evident to me, Feinstein and the entire Senate now speak and vote for the benefit of the Federal Government and not the American people. We would be far better off without her and the Senate itself.

  • thorhasgardson
  • Pclages

    I would say that Feinstein and official Washington as a whole speak for the Federal Government, with very few exceptions, and not for the country or the American people.

    • Cairan

      Feinstein = John 8:38-44.
      We’ve been warned for centuries about them.

      • jayleigh

        OH WOW! You have taken that totally out of context! We’ve been warned for Centuries about the Jews, eh? Well, then poor old St. Paul was certainly wrong in saying that God had certainly not abandoned His chosen people. But i suppose you are one of those who believes that Israel has been set aside and “the church” is the new “Israel” eh? Well that’s not good parsing of the Greek nor is it proper eschatalogical interpretation of that particular passage you’ve cited. Jesus was speaking of the Jews of His time who had seen Him in person, witnessed His miracles, and still rejected Him. And yes, in a larger sense, He was talking about ANYONE, Jew or Gentile, who rejects Him and does the work of evil, will have no part in “HIM” and in the resurrection of the saints. Boy, i just hate it when people take Scripture out of context to try to prove a pretext! i’ve studied both Greek and Hebrew and have actually written adult Sunday School Bible studies for a conservative denomination, so brother, i tell you this, you must be very careful when handling Scripture and making claims about what it says, because God will not hold the person guiltless who twists His Holy words to serve an evil purpose! You, Guestie, are an antisemite and now nothing that you say has any relevance to this discussion!

        • I_Go_Pogo

          Let him have it, friend ! There is nothing so loathsome as an anti-semite.

  • drofelkcahs

    Diane Feinstein should be happy that her right to speak freely is protected by the First Amendment just as mine is.

  • Don Sr.

    It.s amazing to watch someone totally destroy their life because of the way they think. When you go before The Almighty will He say you did a good job or will He simply tell you that He never knew you? This is the question that every person should ask themselves. What once was called stinking thinking is now normal for some people. What have you gotten if you gain the whole world and destroy your soul? All we can do , and we must, is pray for these folks. It is easy to hate them. But that harms your own walk in Christ. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • DOOM161

    Hey, she put her hand in a gunshot wound. That makes her an expert in everything.

  • Tim

    She only thinks, since she’s an elitist, that free speech is a right that only congress is afforded

  • gregorian10

    It’s always the jews, isn’t it? Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Alexrod. And then people think it’s a conspiracy.

    • Cairan

      Yes. It is. If people look they will SEE.

    • jayleigh

      Really? whoa! Liberals come in all shades – but to say it’s all Jewish, is rubbish. How “Jewish” is Schumer? That’s like people who believe that all Americans are Christian! i think Guestie is antisemitic and just wants to blame everything on the Jews. So, if there are some Jews in Congress, how about those who aren’t Jewish but are making bad choices that go against the will of their constituents? Is it still the Jew’s fault? Or should be blame that on the British because some of our Congress-folk may be of British extraction? Or, maybe we should look at all the surnames in Congress to determine how many of them are Irish and then blame Ireland. Oh, but wait, some Blacks have Irish surnames… uh… hmmm let’s see… how do we actually pin it on a particular race or ethnic origin… hmmmm i think it’s probably best not to blame bad decisions on a person’s ethnicity or religion – excepting the Muslims – i DO have to add that one caveat which is the only true one in this mess of blame the ethnicity game, especially the Jews!

  • John b

    feinsteen belongs in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is supposed to defend the Constitution, not destroy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • red55bird

    Is the day coming when free speech will be censer to all citizens. America like it or not we see a trend to Communist rule, were Government will dictate what you see what you hear and what you can say or write. We already see schools rewriting how the Constitution as interrupted in the eyes of liberal teachers. Media working with this Administration in reporting propaganda of a more Liberal point of view, not both sides of the story. Obama waging war on Conservatives over his healthcare bill, by telling Americans that the Republican party is working to take your healthcare away from you. Liberals in the House and Senate working to impose more anti gun laws a direct violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We see were elections can be turn in States that have no voter I.D. were anyone off the street can say their someone their not and vote. This America is already in place in the most corrupt Administration America will ever witness. Just think about how Obama won in 2012, no President ever won election with unemployment as high as it was with Obama, yet with Obama propaganda machine and media help, he lied his way back into office. I cry out for America to wake up ( NOW ) before they take away free speech from us, what I’m saying to citizens is we may very well have to resort to a Revolution to end this dictatorship in Washington D.C. or face losing your children freedom, will you stand your ground and fight for your freedom America.

  • Mad Mike

    What else would you expect from a California, Democrat elitist? These “lefties”, like Fienstien, Polosi, Reid, and most other dems, now running the “former democrat party”, are nothing less than extreamists, radicals, communists and muslim terroist sympathizers. Their leader, Obama, is everything mentioned above. The first thing they do, is to use their national media propaganda machine to accuse the “right” of doing and being everything they are! Unbelieveable! Obama is talking, negioating and conseding vital american intrests to Iranian muslim terroists and former K.G.B. communist leaders. He is andamant about even talking to our own U.S. Congress, demanding they “pass” anything he dictates to them and the american people! No president in our history would commit such acts of high treason except this communist, muslim, homosexual infultrating, traitor and dictator! He is “cutting our national throat” as we sit and watch him! What the hell are we waiting for before we do something to stop these monsters?

  • casper

    Feinstein is a treasonist !! Arrest her !

  • Doris C

    She obviously needs an attitude adjustment. The constitution and the bill of rights endows us with thefirst and second amendment right.She is senile. Been here too long in office.

  • pappap42

    Could anyone find out what the member number is on her communist party of the US is? I am sure it has to be a low number.

  • rwp24382

    More or less what it amounts to is a person that gets out and speaks his mind, could be arrested for not being a journalist. This is the best way shut down all opposition to the left’s agenda. If you are not campaigning for office nor a journalist, you will not be allowed to say anything against Dems. Before long, it will probably include anyone not a Dem running for office. Dems just want their side of the story told and don’t want to be opposed or confronted with the facts.

  • Robert Huddleston

    This another attempt to limit the 1st Ammendment. The Dems and RINOS are chipping away at the 1st Amendment. They will use this amendment to limit the free press, then move on to other things such as the right to peaceably assemble, and finally the big daddy of them all: Religion, which is their ultimate goal. What people don’t understand is the 1st Amendment is about allowing Pastors and Churches to be able to make political statements over the pulpit, if they wish to do so. It is about disagreeing with the established government as an individual and as an organization. This is why they hate 1st Amendment, because it keeps a free people, thinking Free and speaking their minds; and they hate the 2nd Amendment because it protects the 1st!

    • jayleigh

      already, the POTUS said he’d jail Catholic Priests who said mass on base this past, and i assume this coming Sunday! He forgot that the USC allows freedom of religion, so he has denied that right to Catholics on base! But he’s a punisher and he enjoys every minute of it – sadist that he is! Schadenfreud is the German term for someone who enjoys watching others suffer.

  • Robert

    The only way to shut that National Socialist Bitch up is a recall election. If her constituents are real American and want to keep their freedoms they should be beating down the states capital door and demanding it otherwise they deserve the police state that is almost permanently here.

    • jayleigh

      But, that’s the Left Coast, so …. case closed unless we can get term limits for congress passed!


    Take the *itch kicking and screaming into the street and give her a taste of the people’s real will. The problem in politics is people can’t say a thing without some hack like Feinstein trying to put them in jail, yet a politician can say anything and then try to pass a law to cram it down the throats of the people that put her sorry arse in Washington D.C. to start with. I think someone should cram the Constitution and the Bill of Rights down her throat and give her a real taste of what our forefathers meant by FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  • Cairan

    Bolshevik gangster always deploy any means they can concoct to prevent the Goyim from waking up.
    Feinstein and her hubby literally sold the USA out by cutting deals with Red China, to outsource entire American industries. They made billions. Your job loss is DIRECTLY due to this Satanic HAG.
    Feinstein and Ilk. Adolf tried to warn you.

    • Becky

      He did indeed Cairan but our population has to have enough intelligence to know they are being fed poison and to go after REAL History. They don’t have enough of either intelligence or interest.

      • Cairan

        Well events are going to force people to wake up – or perish.

        • Becky

          Yes indeed. And soon I fear.

    • fisherman

      Boy, are you right about her being an old hag and I have read she is considered one of the most corrupt in Washington.

    • jayleigh

      The Goyim – now you use a Hebrew word to try to prove a point? How crass! Yes, Feinstein and Hubby are guilty of many things which should have exempted her from political office. But i didn’t vote for her, and only the Left Coast is to blame for sending her back. The only way to stop that is term limits and getting rid of the Electoral College and letting the popular vote elect the POTUS and Congress – and in addition, we need TERM LIMITS for Congress! But, California is to blame for Feinstein not ME!

  • rocketjl

    I don’t think this old lady knows that the Constitution already affords me protections that an imitation law tries to take away. That is even before a police officer tries to read me my rights.

  • John P

    Please do not vote for her again. She’s the reason the country is as messed up as it is.

    • Cairan

      She’s not voted in. She’s installed. “American” voting machines are owned by Israelis.

      • danstewart

        “Male-Bovine-Excrement”! Why do idiots blame Israel for all the bad things? ‘Soreass’ is NOT an Israeli, after what he did to the Jews in ww2, I’m very surprised that the mousaud hasn’t taken him out long ago. They would certainly be justified.

        • Cairan

          Do your own research..

          • jayleigh

            You’re beyond belief! Don’t tell us to do our “own research” when you haven’t provided anything but your opinion. That is just stupid and illogical. If Israel owned and programmed our voting machines (btw, in my state, only the cities even have voting machines, the rest of us, the majority of voters use paper ballots), anyway, if the voting machines were owned (and by extension, programmed by) Israel, do you think any Congressman or POTUS would ever win an election unless they supported Israel? Come on! Are you wearing your tin foil hat to keep the aliens from attacking your brain or reading your thoughts? Even if the machines were built in Israel (which i doubt) they wouldn’t have been programmed there! The programming of the machines happens before each election to list the candidates and the state and local items, or candidates on the ballots. So, Israel would have nothing to do with programming them to vote a certain way, and if they could, i’ll guaranteeeeeee ya’, the current administration would NOT be in power! Yikes, your logic is something to behold!

      • jayleigh

        Oh, now THAT is one stupid comment! IF they were, do you think Obama would be in the White House? Yikes! Bibi would have a fit if he thought “his” machines put an enemy of Israell in the oval office! No wonder you post as a “guest” – The POTUS celebrates Islam – he’s even proclaimed NOVEMBER (of all months!!!) as Muslim Month! A month when we celebrate and honor our Veterans and the Pilgrims, and he throws a tribe of satan-worshipers into the mix for us to “HONOR????” And you think our voting machines are owned by Israel and that’s why Feinstein won??? Take a powder! Seriously! And YOU believe that Israel owns the voting machines! i’m stunned by the chutzpah that caused you to even think such a thing, let alone post it in an open forum! Bull-pucky!

  • Cairan

    To whatever is downvoting ME – the tide is turning. The truth is emerging. I am one among MANY. People are waking UP.

  • theronald

    Feinstein can kiss my feinstein.


    Senator Diane Feinstein never does anything for people unless it will result in giving government more power. I love my country but fear my government.
    God bless America.

  • MontieR

    Feinstein has repeatedly PROVEN her mental incapacity. Look to her statements and the LACK of rational thought process. The fixation on an inanimate object as evil because of the way it LOOKS. Her inability to grasp the complete failure of spending what you do not have.

  • Mike

    I will repeat what “theronald” said, just because it so fitting, “Feinstein can kiss my feinstein.” She is a piece of work.

  • Art Hock

    That beady eyed clown is another candidate for the anti-Christ. She is one of the corrupt California bitches who have done more to rape our country by their gangster politics in DC while filling their families pockets with our tax dollars.

  • av

    There are plenty of Californians that have wanted her gone for decades. unfortunately her, pelosi boxer etc..control the major voting blocks of SF Bay area and LA…the rest of California be damned….it is one of the reasons that some of Northern California’s counties wish to secede from California….The State of Jefferson is alive and well in Nor Cal and gaining more counties that are sick of this BS…Modoc County joined the cause just last week.

    • jayleigh

      Gerrymandering has caused the liberals in CA to control the state gov as well as send the libs to Congress. There are mega churches out there whose members ALWAYS vote conservative, but their votes never get anywhere because those churches draw from not just one area, but from many, so they don’t vote as a “block”, so to speak. Gerrymandering was outlawed a long time ago, but it has been the norm since the 1970s because the schools are not teaching American Government anymore, so the voters – especially the young sprouts, are ignorant of this way of manipulating the votes. That’s why i say we must do away with the electoral college and just use the popular vote. When district/precinct lines are redrawn, it always throws the election to the Democrats. There were many complaints about that in the 2008 and the 2012 elections.

  • Adrian Vance

    The “real journalists” Di Fi prefers are the only ones consistently tellilng lies.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Daniel from TN

    Feinstein is the perfect example of why we need term limits for members of Congress. There are others who are also examples of the need for limits; she was just the one mentioned in the article.

    • USMC 69-75

      Not just…..there are a lot of prime examples!

  • patriot

    she needs to go the war proffiteer

  • A Patriot

    This is one seriously ignorant, and mentally ill ugly old witch.

  • celador2

    If this passes Senate it should die in House.

  • HarryTC

    We deserve it, we elected her! The socialists think she will further their cause, but when the tide turns, the last politician may not be what they, or we, want.

    • USMC 69-75

      Speak for yourself…..I had nothing to do with her or CA!

    • jayleigh

      “WE” didn’t – Californicate did! i didn’t vote for her for Mayor of SF when i lived out there. ‘course, i didn’t live right in SF, but i knew enough about her that had i lived in the city, she wouldn’t have gotten my vote. But don’t blame the rest of the nation for the Left Coast’s choices!

  • afanaglenn

    One of the ways we have to talk about the crooked Feinsteing is the internet. We wouldn’t have been able to tell everyone about her husbands sweet multi-million dollar real estate deal selling post office real estate for the government and sucking up the brokerage commissions. The press hasn’t said a word, like so much of the crooked acts of democrats. She just wants us to shut up and not be able to talk about it so no one but her fellow crooks know about it. I hate democrats, a criminal anti-American, anti Christian gang.

    • jayleigh

      all the more reason to silence the dissenters, right? Just like poor King George III tried to do – well, Patriots, Old North Church is still standing. So, One of by sea, Two if by land, is still a valid call to liberty!

      • casper

        I agree !

  • Bob Jones

    Let’s not forget the deal the corrupt Feinstein’s husband has received, that she voted and pushed for, to build the first leg of Kalifornicatia’s “High Speed Rail” debacle, and the land that she and her husband have interests in that she voted to keep off limits to others from mining for gold….yeah, this Feinstein is so corrupt she wouldn’t even debate her opponent in her last reelection bid because all of this would have come up!!! She needs to be in jail, like most of these Marxist/Socialist/Communist/progressives!!!

    • jayleigh

      And no conflict of interest there, is there? heh heh heh

  • kf

    Feinstein and the rest of the commies can’t bear for the truth to come out, so they shamelessly want to rid us of the opportunity to hear it. She is the lowest of lifeforms and should be arrested for treason and hung. “We the people” have had enough of her and the liberal progressive regime and want action taken to dethrone them all.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    I think we the people have suffered enough from Feinstein’s contribution to our society; she should be fired, without pay, and sent home to mind her own business while writing a small book on How to Suck the needles off a cactus without getting hurt!

  • WASP

    Frankenstein, Boxer, and Piglosi will all have their speech affected when they’re hanging from a rope. Let’s get on with the shooting war.

    • Will Spike

      “For to win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the acme of skill: to subdue the enemy, without fighting, is the acme of skill.”
      – Sun Tzu

      • jayleigh

        uh huh, nice Chinese philosophy, but what’s your plan?

      • Osama Obama

        Can’t vote the maggots out, not with all of the PROVEN voter fraud!!

  • Neal Gaylor

    Screw that STUPID liberal b_tch! She doesn’t have an once of brains in her head!

  • 1pappap

    Hey Diane: How about we don’t count any of your senate votes until we get a real Senator to fill your seat? People that blog and write comments on the internet are more intelligent and aware of what goes on in America then you do sitting in your fantasy ivory tower.

  • Richard Holmes

    Sew this hag bitches’ mouth shut and graft her ass cheeks over them.

  • jayleigh

    Another left coast lib who thinks liberty is only for the elite, not the po’ common folk! But, until there are term limits, she’ll be back to spew her anti-constitutional rhetoric on the hill! The freedom of the “press” and freedom of “speech” are just two of the liberties she and her ilk would snatch from the people. But, in my estimation, when someone creates a newsblog, and i reply, i am exercising both my freedom of the press and my freedom of speech. The Founders didn’t say “freedom of oral” speech as the ruling power approves of what you say (or write). Obviously, if i make threats to harm someone, that should be taken seriously, but open debate, whether in a live forum or online, the intent of the constitution was to allow for dissent and opinion whether the “ruling class” likes the evaluation of what they are doing or not! If she persists in going after our freedoms, then we’ll have to take her to court and sue her for infringement and abridgment of our Constitutionally guaranteed right of speech, press and dissent!

  • Michigan_REB

    Nasty Old btch needs to crawl off to some hole and die there! she has been walkg around just trying to save funeral exoenses for years. Her senility is showing. se some 100 MOH 8 inch wide dust tape on her mouth. and then the same with Boxer, Pelosi, Drooling Harry Reid and finally Obama and his pet Wookie Moochelle.

  • wolf2525

    What do you expect of a dirty communist like Finestein, she is a dirty old B-i-t-ch and worse.

  • wolf2525

    Finestine has always been a communist Pig, like Pelosi, and Boxer, and that dog Brown. Anti-American all of them. I wish that hag would have the big one and kill over soon.

  • wolf2525

    Finestine is the purest of evil, just like Obama.

  • L101192

    this is a power play that is leading to dictator ship. plane and simple truth

  • Mr.Mudd

    Whoever would attempt to overthrow the Liberty of a Nation Must first begin by
    Subduing the Freeness of Speech.. Why do you people in California keep reelecting
    this subversive woman? Germans sat by and watched as Hitler destroyed Germany.
    America is now running monthly deficits that previous Presidents accumulated in
    12 months. Obama is deliberately killing our currency.

  • Parker Orfield

    Yeah Feinstein, Kill the first amendment we won’t want anything like the TRUTH to come out! Freedom of the press my a$$!


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