20 Reasons Why I’m A Young Conservative


20 Reasons Why I’m A Young Conservative

1. You can’t mess with life, my family, or my religion.

How can anyone look into the eyes of a baby and think, 8 months ago I think it would have been okay to kill this?

2. I look at the long-term rather than living in the moment.

Yes, liberal counterparts: your actions today will have consequences. See encyclopedia entry on “Pearl Harbor,” then “Nagasaki.”

3. I’m from a family of school teachers, lumberjacks, and immigrants.

It’s not just rhetoric when people say the middle class built this country. My ancestors fled persecution and took whatever jobs they could find just to be on American soil.

4. I’m part of a demographic currently experiencing over 15% unemployment.

Fairly straightforward. You can try to spin it all you want, but there’s no way to explain how my generation has been left high and dry without admitting policies didn’t work.

5. I’ve worked crummy jobs just to pay bills.

First year of college? Paid for out of pocket with the only the blessing of merit-based scholarships. No, I didn’t like 40 hour weeks of my last summers at home spent serving rude customers, but it was worth it every time I walked into the business office and wrote a check from my own account for tuition.

6. I’m a college student – I know what an empty bank account looks like.

See number 5 if you don’t get it. $665 every month doesn’t leave much in the “incidental’s” budget.

7. I’ve worked in the trenches of campaigns and in elected offices.

It’s interesting to see the start contrast between candidates for office and those same people once they’ve secured a seat. The conservatives I’ve helped out stick to their guns through thick and thin (usually literally) while liberals pander their way into office then abandon their constituency.

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