Over 20 MN Police Injured in Riots


What do you really think will come from attacking police officers? They are trained for combat. They are experts and trained in their profession. The only thing holding them back from retaliation and leveling the playing field is political correctness, the federal government and public outcry for the massive amount of carnage they can impose on their weak counterparts.

I didn’t follow the Minnesota protests from Saturday night as I was wrapping up my radio show but finding out about this carnage was unbelievable. Hitting someone in the hard with a rock and pointing a laser at them is a good way to get killed. This is what our police officers deal with daily. This is why they approach a car on edge and are paranoid.

These people rioting are trying to make a hero out of someone who has a lifelong criminal history.

Why don’t they protest the Dallas slaughter of five outstanding citizens who were trying to do something with their life.

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