‘2 Guns’ and ‘The Wolverine’ — Box Office Report for August 5, 2013


The gun slinging DEA agent and navy man may be up at the top this weekend, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a win by any stretch of the imagination. They’re still far below budget.

BUT, The Wolverine did come out swinging, fairing better than the little blue elves (or whatever those Smurfs are).

#1 – 2 Guns

Budget: $61 Million
Totals: $27.3 Mil Weekend Gross and Current Total

Weekend 1


I didn’t hate this film. In fact it was a satisfying plot in some ways. Some semblance of justice is served, the two guys, one white, one black, one military special ops, one DEA, both with very different methods, really grow together by the end of the film.


What I didn’t like was Paula Patton’s character and they way it turned out she had turned on Bobby. It was both predictable, and irritating in that we, the audience, wanted to like her as a character but that made it a little hard.

Without going into my full review now, all other things being equal, I would have easily given it 3 stars. However, anytime a film uses nudity in a sexual way, my star rating instantly drops by a full star. And that’s for starters. Since Paula Patton shows it off a little with glimpses of upper body nudity, I drop it by a whole star to 2 stars. My reasoning for this is simple, it’s not necessary. It’s a cheap and unnecessary trick to keep the males in the audience engaged and to convey the sort of relationship two characters on the screen are having. The same information could have been conveyed easily without the nudity, therefore, full star rating drop. It’s too bad because I might have otherwise been okay with the film.

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