190K Coloradoans Losing Health Insurance Thanks to Dem Leadership


Barack Obama’s infamous lie to the American people resulted in nearly 6 million Americans having their healthcare plans cancelled. Obama’s lie was followed up by his illegal action when he issued his announcement to insurance companies to stop cancelling pre-existing healthcare plans that did not meet the minimum requirements established by Obamacare.

However, the insurance companies claimed that they had already spent many millions of dollars revamping their systems and there was no possibility to restore many of the previously cancelled plans. Yet there were some that managed to hang onto their pre-existing healthcare plans with another promise from Obama that they could keep their plans through 2016, but would then have to purchase plans that met Obamacare’s standards.

In Colorado, a state being ruined by Obamanite Democrats, about 190,000 residents have been clinging to old healthcare plans believing they have until the end of next year before being forced to purchase an inferior plan at a higher cost. But thanks to Colorado’s Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar, all of the 190,000 grandfathered healthcare plans will be cancelled at the end of 2015 instead of 2016.
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