1,000,000 Illegals Getting College Educations?


Many colleges and universities are public institutions, which mean that they receive millions in state funding which means that you and I support them with our hard earned tax dollars. So as a taxpayer, the news I’m going to share with you should be very aggravating.

When Barack Obama illegally issued his executive order known as DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – he laid the groundwork to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to attend college in the United States. Illegals that were covered by DACA were allowed to obtain Social Security Numbers which provided them access to college grants, financial assistance. In as least two dozen states, it also allowed illegals to only pay in-state tuition rates.

If you sent your son or daughter to a college or university in another state, you paid the outrageous out-of-state tuition rates or your child sold their soul to the federal government by obtaining student loans. However, thanks to Obama’s DACA program, a student from Mexico, Brazil, Iraq or Iran who entered the United States illegally can attend the same college and not only pay in-state tuition rates, but can also compete with your child for grants and financial aid.

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